Anna Maria Jopek

“Just thirty seconds of Anna’s tune belong to the most beautiful music I’ve heard in months”
Pat Metheny

Artist information

Anna Maria Jopek is as Polish as one can be - not only with her gentle beauty, but first of all with her music, coming straight from the heart.

Annas voice is addictive. And her collaborations with artists like Youssou N´Dour, Richard Bona, Joe Lovano, Sting, Bobby McFerrin or the very Pat Metheny speak for themselves.

Her latest projects included three brand new studio albums and were released simultanously (!) in October 2011. The project "Haiku" with Japanese musicians including phenomenal pianist Makoto Ozone; "Sobremesa" album with the core of Portuguese / African / Brazilian artists; and finally the project "Polanna" - the collection of traditional / classical Polish music, prepared with Grammy winners Gil Goldstein and Gonzalo Rubalcaba.

Her voice filled the Carnegie Hall, brought her several platinum records and helped her to huge shows in concert halls from Toronto to Vienna, from London to Berlin.

Let's leave the last word to Pat Metheny: 'Anna is original, unique, different. She's brave, she's modest, she's open. She's a great musician. What she's been doing all her life is just trying to choose the best notes.

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