“The musician cleverly oscillates between a sharper rock’n’roll and a sweet and monstrously efficient pop.”
- Rolling Stone

Artist information

Although new in the current mainstream landscape, Tiwayo is already mentioned in the media - such as Rolling Stone France, ELLE Magazine or Paris Match - as one of the most promising newcomers at the moment. His unique charismatic voice, which despite his young age brings us straight back to the golden age of soul music, is certainly a serious reason for this. Not to mention his numerous successful opening-acts for Norah Jones, Seal, Sting or Marcus Miller.

"The Gipsy Soul of Tiwayo" will be released in January 2019 on Universal Germany with a strong PR support from Uta Bretsch_communications and the Bureau Export de la Musique Française in Germany. Tiwayo will have the chance to introduce himself to the German audience during a showcase at the Reeperbahn  Festival/ Hamburg on the 21.09.2018.

In 2017, the Frenchman sent a demo of his album to the renowned producer Mark Neill (2011 Grammy Awards winner) and two months later he was living his American dream and recorded on a 16-track in the southern United States. "Gypsy Soul"? This is the definition that suits his music best and gives the album its title. "The Gypsy Soul of Tiwayo" is the culmination of 10 years of musical, vocal and personal research. It sounds like an ode to emancipation, like the analogue soundtrack of a road trip towards personal and world discovery.

Watch Tiwayo - Wild (Acoustic) on Youtube