It makes me tremble.
- Pedro Almodovar. Spanish film director

- New York Times

Buika has a voice that radiates intensity, with a power that’s hard to define. - NPR

Artist information

BUIKA - New program for 2023 announced!

Exposing one's true identity when speaking or singing to an audience is a privilege of very few. One of those unique beings is Buika, a singer with a languid, sweet and imperious voice. Buika shows her soul to those who dare to listen to her, without the fear of being carried away.

María Concepción Balboa Buika, born in Mallorca, daughter of Equatorial Guinean parents from the Bubi tribe, grows up surrounded by multiple cultures and their tradicional popular music; Since childhood, she enjoyed a very atypical variety of musical influences. Buika embraced them all she is now a clear example of the diversity that she welcomes as the brand of her identity. Her daring and even improvised arrangements on stage, create magical and unforgettable musical pieces. Buika is a latin grammy winner, and many times Grammy nominee, aside of being a winner of many different international awards. She has worked with a variety of great artist and  talented musicians such as Seal, Anoushka Shankar, Carlos Santana and Cindy Blackman. The latest nomination in the ‘Best Rock song of the year’ would arrived with ”Yo me lo merezco” from the album ‘Africa Speaks’ 12 master pieces, created by Carlos Santana and Buika. Produced by Rick Rubin.

Watch Buika - Niña de Fiesta (Live @ SF Jazz Festival) on Youtube