Camille O'Sullivan

“Camille is a superstar… she doesn’t so much command the stage, as positively own it…a truly outstanding talent, nothing short of a sensation”
Fest 5 Star

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The multi-award winning singer and performer Camille O’Sullivan enthrals with an inimitable stage presence and a great flair for theatricality. Internationally she made a name for herself with interpretations of tracks from renowned artists such as Jacques Brel!

But despite her predilection for performances in the style of cabaret of the Weimar Republic, Camille’s musical talent is far beyond the scope of a theater stage: Her repertoire became darker and more rock-heavy and soon she found herself being on stage with peers such as Damien Rice, Diamanda Galas or Marc Almond and toured i.a. with Shane Mac Gowan as well as Jools Holland with whom she performed at the Royal Festival Hall. 

In her show “The Dark Angel” Camille once more staged exceptional song-interpretations by artists like Nick Cave, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Jacques Brel or Kurt Weill with tremendous expressiveness and intensity. In january 2010 a three-week engagement at London’s Apollo Theatre was sold out and as the top star of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival she managed to sell out the Assembly Hall for three weeks. This summer, the fascinating singer performed alongside with Marianne Faithfull at the renowned opera house in Sydney and cast a spell over the audience at the Tent Music Festival in Freiburg. She was the subject of a 60 minute special on the German TV channel 3sat with her remarkable performance at the 2010 Stuttgart Jazz Festival. 

She also took part in musical-productions as well as several movies including Stephen Frears' Oscar-nominated work Lady Henderson präsentiert in which she appears as the vaudeville singer Jane alongside Bob Hoskins. 

Anyone who has experienced Camille O’Sullivan performing live, knows that the captivating presence of this exceptional artist is difficult to put in words. She aspirates and hisses, acts gently and raucously, lasciviously and elegantly, vulnerably and seductively while every now and then she sips her glass of red wine – her trademark by now.
Each of her performances is an event, a game with full commitment, a risk or, in her own words: Meowww!!

After 2 years of abstinence she reported back in Germany in summer 2014 with her new album "Changeling". Among others her shows at the Jazzopen Stuttgart, the Stimmen Festival in Loerrach etc. brought audience and press to one unanimous agreement: CAMILLE is phenomenal!

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