Austria / Germany
“[dunkelbunt] made the crossover from electronics to swing sounds“ - New York Times

“one of europes great proponents of balkan dub” - The Age - Melbourne

Artist information

Ulf Lindemann has swirled around the stages of the world with boundless energy since 2006, his concerts showcasing songs sung in 15 different languages 
and supported by not just amazing musicians but musical kindred spirits (Beatbox, Horns , Piano, Synthesizer, Electronics, Turntablism, Guitars, 
Percussion and a revolving door of guest musicians). 

Born in Hamburg in 1979, Ulf Lindemann has lived in Vienna since 2001 where he has made a prominent name for himself as composer, producer, radio host,

DJ and an expert blender of exotic spices. His stage name [dunkelbunt] stands for diversity and the constant search of new musical fusions and art forms.
From jazz piano to turntablism, [dunkelbunt] has since the late 90's made „World Electronica“, a fusion of organic and electronic soundscapes and rhythms 
from across the globe. More than 150 guest musicians have played on his albums, representing over 20 different languages.

His big international breakthrough occurred in 2003 with the Balkan-Hip Hop single „The Chocolate Butterfly“, quickly followed by the Electro Swing hit
„Cinnamon Girl“. In 2014 he had his first major german language success with the song „Egal“.

His collaborative work with various bands and musicians is just as far reaching as the musical landscape he creates for himself.
His diverse collaborations with big international acts include The Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Balkan Beat Box, Shantel, Parov Stelar, 
Waldeck, Sara Lugo, The Boban Marković Orkestar, A-WA, Baba Zula, Tori Amos, Watcha Clan, RAF Camora, the list goes on...
On his current/upcoming tour he will be supported by a 4 piece live band and his energy-laden show will guarantee the audience will be swinging, 
so don't forget your dancing shoes!

Club & Festival highlights -  Fabrik /Hamburg, Gloria /Köln, Lido /Berlin, MS Dockville, Fusion Festival, Roskilde, 
Horizonte Festival, Theaterfestival Isny, Life Festival, Etnosur, Chicago Worldmusic Festival, NYC Gypsy Festival, Tel Aviv Swing Utopia Festival, 
Australia, Canada, Africa, Costa Rica and many more.

The 2017 Festival season will see [dunkelbunt] return to paint the stage with his kaleidoscopic style.

"Although the essence of his music lies in South-East Europe, [dunkelbunt] unites sounds from around the world from Vienna to the Balkans, 
North Africa to the Middle East, India, South America, Jamaica all the way to North American swing from the 20’s.“

Watch LIVE at WUK, Vienna, 2016 on Youtube