Keren Ann

“…spectacularly produced art-pop… apocalyptically bold.”
- Uncut

“The thing that makes Keren Ann’s records so special is that you put them on and leave them on. I
know no higher compliment”
- Word

Artist information

Keren Ann

The internationally loved pop artist KEREN ANN is back with her 8th solo work. After sold-out shows all over Europe,she comes back with her new album "Bleue" (15.03.2019)!

From an early age, Keren Ann was referred to as a "cosmopolitan singer" or "nomadic artist", especially as she always understood herself neither geographically nor musically. Born in Israel, the daughter of a Russian-Israeli father and a Dutch mother, Keren Ann Zeidel grew up in Paris and later commuted between Paris and New York.

Ann is not only known for her solo music but has also managed to gain an international reputation as a songwriter. She has written songs for artists such as Anna Calvi, David Byrne, Iggy Pop, Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy, has worked on soundtracks for films (Thelma, Louise et Chantal, Yossi ), Written music for the theater (Falling Out Of Time, based on a text by David Grossman) and for an album and an opera with the Icelandic musician Bardi Johansson (Lady & Bird, Red Waters). Their songs are known from series like Gray's Anatomy, Six Feet Under, Big Love or TV campaigns like H & M, Galia, SkyTeam, Orange.

Whether as a singer-songwriter, composer, sound designer or producer, Keren Ann Zeidel has been one of the most versatile and talented female artists for years.

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