Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion


Artist information

The classical crossover specialists, Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion Symphonic Salsa, are now also presenting besides their 5 piece band project the award-winning program Classic Meets Cuba // in a symphonic dimension. Sophisticated and outstanding arrangements for symphony orchestra of well-known pieces from classical music literature, feature the refined and entertaining Caribbean rhythms and classical fusion perfected by the Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion.

In their unconventional musical perspective they offer a refreshing approach to works by Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Tchaikovsky; combining classical European musical tradition with Latin Jazz and the rhythmic and melodic wealth of Cuban music.
How these five exceptional musicians brilliantly arranged classical themes, masterful jazz improvisations combined with Salsa, Son, Bolero, Merengue, Afro and Cha Cha, inspires music fans of all genres.

The Klazz Brothers, also known as "the Masters of the Classical Crossover” sold more than 500,000 albums worldwide and received two Echo Classic awards, 2 Jazz awards, and a Grammy nomination for "Classic Meets Cuba", "Jazz Meets Cuba" and "Mozart Meets Cuba”. Even Will Smith has heard their music in Hollywood blockbusters such as  "Hitch- the Date Doctor" and "Collateral" starring Tom Cruise. The Klazz Brothers’ music has also been featured in programs such as "The Messiah Super Star" with choir, big band and soloists, including, the "Chopin Lounge" featuring David Gazarov. For 20 years the Klazz Brothers have inspired the world and continue to reach since 20 years an ever growing audience.

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