Australia / France
“It’s hard to find an artist who is so motivated and happy to be able to spread her art…”
Le Figaro

Artist information

Inspired by troubadours Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen, old-school musicals and quirky singer/songwriters Björk and Tori Amos, Paris-based Aussie chanteuse Nadeah Miranda has become the go-to girl for French cabaret acts while also pursuing a solo career of her own.

Developing a passion for music from a young age, a victory at a school talent contest inspired her to write her own songs, and later, to travel to Europe to seek fame and fortune at the age of 18. While working in a Parisian cafe, she was introduced to guitarist Art Menuteau, and under the guise of the LoveGods, the pair relocated to Brighton, England where they supported Nick Cave on his U.K. tour and released one album, Between Dogs and Wolves before going their separate ways. In 2008, she was invited by Marc Collin to contribute to his '80s film soundtrack's cover project, Hollywood Mon Amour, and to replace Camille & Phoebe Killdeer in the French collective Nouvelle Vague, where she appeared on 2008's 3 with a rendition of Magazine's "Parade" with Barry Adamson. After appearing on B for Bang's The Beatles Rewired project, she began work with Italian composer Nicola Tescari on her own solo material. Self-described as lyrically twisted, dark cabaret pop and featuring the single "Odile," her debut album, Venus Gets Even, was released in 2011.

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