“Nojazz is transcending soul music. “Soul Stimulation” is a savory cocktail that makes steep yourself in the soul, hip-hop, funk sensory delighted sounds of the 80’s”

- La Tribune de l’Artiste

Artist information


Their performances delight the audience of festivals all around the globe like Montreux, Paris or Montreal. Nojazz, Nojazz, Nojazz - "You never know what's going to happen, but you'll have fun !" The next step after St.Germain and Cinematic Orchestra... Once again they're putting the European Jazz scene upside down and show us what's going on - Direction Dance !

Nojazz lives from the different backgrounds of the musicians: groove variations, driving brass, soulful Rhodes chords and catchy hooklines dash through every shows and take everyone for a dance. Funk and hip-hop merge as a basis with the punchy elements of modern club music and selected World Music Loans from the Caribbean or the Middle East. Scratches, samples and other electronic stuff unite with the 'real' instrumentalists to give birth to a brand new extraterrestrial life form.

Beyond all clichés: Yes, Nojazz makes jazz - and it all sounds like that!

Watch NOJAZZ - Beautiful Life (Clip officiel) on Youtube