Raquel Tavares

“Fado music continues to flourish in Portugal, with concerts and contests aplenty. Raquel Tavares is testament to this; with her compelling voice, blend of old plus newly-composed songs, and line-up that is sometimes traditional but sometimes uses kit drums, she has brought a new sound to a genre whose passion and intensity always appeals.”
- BBC Radio

Artist information

Raquel Tavares

Raquel sings what she sees, feels and smells around her, what she daily lives.
One feels in her voice, in the attitude, in the expression and, above all, in the courage she has by assuming herself as a “Fadista” (Fado Singer). All of this couldn’t be by chance, or by the fact that she is an artist with a huge talent to act. None great actress could assume so well this role…

She was born in Lisbon, the 11th January 1985, inside a family with binds to the musical panorama of the Lisbon’s Song. Since very young she attended to the “nooks and crannies” of Fado’s milieu.
Studies took her to other directions, following a normal course of education and maturity, until the moment her “destiny” took her to decide her life and career.
She returned to the usual places of Fado, now with 18 years old. She passed by Lisbon’s most important “fado houses” and, in 2006 she releases her first record, which gives her the Revelation Award Amália Rodrigues, and creates her show, always around a character based in her own artistic identity.


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