Sven Hammond

“A Masterpiece!”
Oor Magazine (NL)

Artist information

Sven Hammond offers a facinating mix of Soul and Rock'n' Roll - one of the best live bands in the Netherlands. Their album is produced by Tony Platt (Motörhead, AC/DC, Bob Marley, Gary Moore) They played a very delighted show at Eurosonic. (Big open air stage).

“The Usual Suspects” is the , third studio-album by one of Holland’s most cherished bands, Sven Hammond. Pulsating and inspiring beats stem from five guys with a vibrant, energy-driven and rhythmic vibe in their music. They know what it means to give it all they got, who go crazy and know how to play the audience and captivate them with every note. Straight to the inner depths of one’s soul, the music created is genuinely from the heart. On Sven Hammond’s new album ‘The Usual Suspects’ Sven and his band of brothers go all out. Maximum “rock ‘n soul”.

Sven Hammond’s previous albums are reputed for their steaming hot soul but on ‘The Usual Suspects’ SH goes back to basics. No tightly timed horns, no violins and no guest vocalists but one singer who reigns supreme: ‘Ivan Peroti’.
The Hammond organ is still the ‘hero’ throughout the album and Sven manages to give this unique and amazing instrument a distinctive place and character in each of the songs. Sometimes raw, like an eighteen-wheeler on a bumpy gravel road, at other times smooth as a cruise liner. A unique combination of musicians who live for this music and do justice in putting ‘soul’ into Sven Hammond.

The tunes are truly versatile. The song titled ‘Children of the Dark’ aims to get the audience grooving to the high energy beats. The song ‘Happy People’ and ‘The Usual Suspect’ leaves unforgettable impressions on one’s auditory senses.

SH worked intensely with top-producer Tony Platt.

Platt has also worked with Motörhead, AC/DC, Bob Marley,Gary Moore, ‘Funky Kingston’ van Toots & The Maytals. Tony knows his way around decibels. He is knowledgeable on funk, jazz and soul. Tony Platt said of Sven Hammond: “It really was a pleasure to work with Sven and the musicians. They are great guys with talents of an international standard”. The album was recorded at ICP studios in Brussels, mixed by Tony Platt at his London Strongroom Studio and mastered by Ray Staff (Bowie, The Clash, Black Sabbath) at the Air Studios in London. In other words, a real dream team.

The ‘mean and lean fighting machine’ which Sven Hammondseems to be these days consists of Ivan Peroti (lead vocals), Glenn Gaddum (bass), Joost Kroon (drums), Tim Eijmaal (guitar) and Sven Figee behind his superb Hammond organ.
When SH is on the road they play in some of the best venues nationwide, on TV (DWDD and Toppop) and can be heard on all major radio stations. During the Edison Awards, SH was nominated for a variety of awards.

SH already brought the roof down at Paaspop, Solar, Carribean Jazz, North Sea Jazz and a variety of other highly sought-after music events and festivals. Sven Hammond can blow like a cyclone (check out the intro from ‘Bad News’). One moment you’re in the swirl and the other you experience the calm of the eye. It’s both boisterous and humble.

‘My Name’ is such a song and probably the emotional highlight of the album. Ivan Peroti awakens the soul by pouring out his heart as he sings about his little boy. Sven follows with gentle and extremely well timed strokes on the keys of the Hammond. This song is an absolute gem.

The Usual Suspects is an album for the ‘rocker’, the ‘soul freak’, the ‘funk lover’, the pop and jazz head’.

‘The Usual Suspects’ takes one on a roller coaster ride with a plethora of emotions. The high energy beats captivate the mind and body, while their poignant tunes stir the soul.


    A masterpiece – Oor
    The Usual Suspects is highly recommended –
    A rock solid album – Volkskrant
    A collection of lively songs hard to forget – (Chili)
    The Usual Suspects is a ‘world class’ album – Platomania
    Figee & friends are not only ‘the usual suspects’ but also ‘the most wanted’ –
    Very solid, very American and very nice – Parool
    There is no weak spot on this album –
    Raw, unpolished and honest –


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