The Brooks

“There’s a neat New Orleans feel, too, while the effervescent melodies seem to bubble with glowing light”. – Clash Magazine

“A frisky testament to James Brown’s funk, with later explorers George Clinton and Sly Stone. ” – Mojo

Artist information

From Montreal to Paris, Morroco,Copenhagen and Mexico, The Brooks is a success wherever they go, captivating crowds with their undeniable talent and energy worthy of the biggest names in the Funk, Soul, Jazz and R&B scene. Major performances are accumulating on the band’s list: from Osheaga to the Montreal Jazz Festival, including being Charles Bradley’s opening act, the Montreux Jazz Fest in Switzerland, Nice Jazz Festival, the Copenhague Jazz Fest, the Duc des Lombards in Paris or the Zinco Jazz Club in Mexico. An electrifying and dynamic energy exchange and an experience of funky grooves and bright soul. A true collective celebration of the present moment in respect of the mythical musical influences from another era.

The Brooks blurs geographical landmarks... Born from the common love of its musicians for authentic funk and soul music, this passionate, experienced group stokes the sacred fire with each of its performances! 50 years of African-American music are condensed into the group’s aesthetic. In their concerts and records, you can hear the meticulousness of James Brown, the delight of D'Angelo, the radiance of Fela Kuti, the intergenerational openness of Herbie Hancock and innovative spirit of J Dilla.

Watch The Brooks - Live @ Nice Jazz Festival 2022 on Youtube