Ara Malikian

Spanien / Lebanon / Armenia
“Think Andre Rieu inside Russell Brand’s body and wardrobe, and you’re getting there.” Broadway World

Artist information

Ara Malikian is one of the world's most spectacular showmen and virtuosos today. The Spanish violinist of Lebanese origin and Armenian descent assimilates the music of the cultures of the Middle East, Central Europe, Argentina and Spain all within a very personal language and compositions with the virtuosity and expressiveness of the great European tradition. Music that feels traditional, even classical, but also highly contemporary. This is the essence of the internationally acclaimed violinist ARA MALIKIAN.
“Think Andre Rieu inside Russell Brand's body and wardrobe, and you're getting there.”(Broadway World).”
A master showman, Ara Malikian, despite being a scarcely believable 50 years old rocks the stage like a derwish with breathtaking virtuosic plays while doing deep knee bends, hopping on one leg or vaulting in arabesques.
His tours in the last few years, were a huge success of audience feedbacks and critics with more than 1 million sold tickets and over 800 mostly sold out concerts achieving world prestige with concerts in the most prestigious auditoriums and theaters of the most important cities in the world: London, Paris, Rome, Moscow, Berlin, Helsinki, Stockholm, Zurich, Sofia, Budapest, Istanbul, Belgrade, Bratislava, Madrid, Lisbon.

His tours in the last few years, were a huge success of public and critics with more than: 

  • Tickets sold: 1.070.000
  • More than: 830 concerts
  • In more than 92 countries


Watch Ara Malikian. Bachelorette (Björk cover) Live at Royal Albert Hall on Youtube