Brushy One String

Brushy One String went on to accomplish more with one string than most people can do with six! - BBC

Brushy had the capacity crowd with him every step of the way, making him another act to catch whenever you have the opportunity. -

Artist information

Imagine: Seasick Steve meets Burning Spear!

YouTube sensation and this year’s WOMAD-UK-Festival favorite BRUSHY ONE STRING, whose song „Chicken in the Corn“ has reached more than 64 million views, has become an absolute icon!

Since his portrait in the award winning film-documentation” RiseUp” and “The King of One String”, there are already thousands of excited listeners captured by the irresistable charme of his personality and songs.

No matter if he is playing unplugged on a market in Jamaica enchanting the crowd at the NEW ORLEANS JAZZ & HERITAGE or on the GLOBAL FEST in NEW YORK in front of a large audience. With his unique persona, his flamboyant outfits and his stripped-down, easy but grandiose style, he catches and captures the listener`s imaginations immediately. Not only is BRUSHY a hell of a performer. Further assets are a large set of incredibly soulful Reggae-Songs performed by his rich baritone voice as well as his hypnotic-springy grooves on his single (!)-stringed-acoustic guitar, which deliver surprisingly groovy foundations for his soul- and powerful music.

Imagine what this guy could do with TWO strings. Or six!


Watch Brushy One String - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert on Youtube