Estrella Morente

„The singer Estrella Morente represents both where flamenco comes from and where it’s going.”
The New York Times

Artist information

Estrella Morente was born in Granada. She is the eldest daughter of the legendary Enrique Morente and the dancer Aurora Carbonell. She grew up surrounded by flamenco and has since become one of Spain’s most sought-after performers.

Prestige venues and events, both in Spain and overseas, have hosted Estrella’s concerts, among these; Konzerthaus Vienna, Theatre Carré Ámsterdam, Parco Della Musica Roma, Oslo International Festival, Suds à Arles, Helsinki World Music Festival and Voix de Femmes, Brussels. In 2011 she visited South America and headlined the Festival de Buenos Aires and Santiago a Mil.

Recently, she recorded De Falla’s “El Amor Brujo” with the Spanish National Orchestra, under the direction of Mº. Joseph Pons. She has sung with the top orchestras across Spain and Catalunya.

Estrella has won many awards including the Premio Ondas and was nominated for a Grammy for best flamenco recording. Her recordings have reached platinum status. After five years since the release of “Mujeres” (EMI), her new album “Autorretrato” (EMI) was launched last October. The record includes collaborations by Michael Nyman, Pat Metheny, Ketama and Vicente Amigo, among others.

She is a fervent admirer of La Niña los Peines, Camarón de la Isla, Marchena, Vallejo, and of course, her father Enrique. Lola Flores, María Callas and Montserrat Caballé have all influenced Estrella’s approach to singing.

In spite of her youth, she has sown the seeds of her art and her musical gifts across the globe. She is blessed with a pure, crystalline vocal timbre and moves easily between warm, seductive tones and raw, expressive phrases.

Estrella possesses a profound knowledge of her art as well as innate musical taste. She has become a point of reference for aficionados and newcomers to flamenco singing, combining the early influences of her native Granada with the latest tendencies in the flamenco of the new millennium

She has adhered to simple and untainted song-forms and her singing is neither pure nor orthodox, but contains that edge of personality that makes for a true revolution in the best tradition of flamenco Cante.

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