Inna Modja

France / Mali
“The malian singer merges Pop and politics - and embodies the self-confidence of a new generation of migrants.”

- Die Zeit Online
Inna Modja

Artist information

Inna Modja

When Inna Bocoum was a little girl, she already had her own mind and did not do everything the way her mother told her to. Therefore, she got the nickname "Modja", which means in her Malian native language "Inna is nasty".

Meanwhile, the singer from Bamako / Mali uses this name as a stage name. She owes Salif Keita, one of the most important African artists who was a neighbor of her parents, her career as a singer. He included her in his rail band, with which Keita played music influenced by jazz and bossa nova. Inna Modja was interested in other pop styles, she listened to punk and soul, rap and heavy metal. The 32-year-old singer has released three albums, her style varies between soul, Afro-blues and electro-pop. With "French Cancan" she had a huge summer hit in France in 2011, her current album is titled "Hotel Bamako". Inna Modja has been very critical of how to deal with women in Africa in the past. She is a strict opponent of women's circumcision and demands equality and freedom for all women.

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