“After mixing up her home country france with big success, she is now on to germany. “Avenir” is her first single. Ouh la la!”
- 1 LIVE

Artist information

Louane, it’s a voice, it’s the incarnation of youth, and an arrogant beauty. It’s the symbol of a bright generation, ardent and carefree. She’s a diamond in the rough, to be carved with gentleness and revealed to us in a moment of grace. She’s eighteen and she’s a child of her time:  she goes head first into the reality of life, without thinking, with no hesitation.

Louane is oblivious to nostalgia, she has no time for it. She lives the moment, sometimes dwells on happiness but exclusively dreaming about tomorrow. Life is an evidence, singing is its continuity. Her debut in music is can did, asserted, she breathes new life to the scene, with a scent of innocence.

Her songs are like her, full of emotions that she throws at our face. Secrets she unveils without holding back, without second thoughts. The honest and powerful texts speak about herself, they tell us about her deeper thoughts,her feelings and her concerns. Louane sings about the urgency, the need to live, the need for the other “j' ai besoin d' oxygène….j'ai tant besoin de toi et moi" (“I need to breathe...I need you and me so much”) in her song ‘TOURNE’; “je vais te découper au scalpel et coller ma peau contre la tienne" (“I will cut you off with a scalpel and sew your skin to mine”) in ‘ALIEN’ or “le monde sans toi n' existe pas" (“the world doesn’t exist without you”) in ‘DU COURAGE’. She reveals the story of her first loves, "jour 1 amour numéro 1, c'est l'amour suprême dis moi que tu m'aimes" (“Day 1, Love number 1, it’s the love supreme, tell me you love me”) (JOUR 1) and of her heartbreaks" tu m'as laissé hier, la fin de la saison" (“you left me yesterday, the end of the season”) (AVENIR), "revenir une dernière fois pour te dire adieu" (“coming back one last time to say forever goodbye”) (CHAMBRE 12). Her voice, warm, gentle and rare, carried away by exhilarating melodies, is framed in delicate and efficient electronic compositions, like a diamond in its velvet case.

Louane is not a deceiver. When she confides her fears in us, she also shares her zest for life and her thirst for freedom. We want to dance with her, comfort her, hold her. We feel as though we know her. Louane is like her songs, she’s the emblem of an era.

But what strikes us too is her youth and optimism. In ‘NOUS’ “Oh Viens, Prends ma main, c'est déjà demain, Tout va bien, C'est juste toi, c'est juste moi, c'est nous” (“Oh come on then, take my hand, it’s already tomorrow, everything is okay, it’s just you, it’s just me,it’s us two”) or in ‘JEUNE’ "A jamais on verra dans nos yeux, monter le désir, le souffle et le feu" (“And we’ll see it in our eyes forever, desire, breathing like a fire”) they become her signature and obsession.

Her captivating claims, "je serai ton alliée, ton Alien,ce sera toi et moi idem" (“I’ll be your ally, I’ll be your Alien, you and me idem”) (ALIEN), “everyday, dependent of love” (JOUR 1) echo in our heads and bring back forgotten feelings buried inside of us.

And at last, when Louane speaks about her doubts and wonders and about the ones who are missing around her, J'suis pas bien dans ma tête maman, j'ai perdu le goût de la fête maman, regarde comme ta fille est faite maman, je trouve pas de sens à ma quête maman" (“I’m losing my mind mama, I’ve lost the will to play mama, look at your daughter’s ways mama, in this quest there is no meaning I find, mama”) (MAMAN) Enfin, lorsque Louane évoque ses doutes, ses interrogations, les absents autour d'elle, "Et si tu venais à t'en aller, ne me dis rien" “And if you had to go, don’t tell me a thing” (LA FUITE), she strikes us our hearts, torn asunder. Her album breathes force and fragility, violence and innocence, fever and hope for beauty in the days to come. And rest assure that these days will come, since the world belongs to her.


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