Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra

The orchestra of MIKIS THEODORAKIS celebrates the legacy of one of the greatest Greek composer, performing material of his 70 years spanning career. A moving tribute!

Artist information


Mikis Theodorakis, the greatest greek composer of the 20th century, political icon and musical ambassador, has passed away on september 2nd 2021.
His scores for films like "Alexis Zorbas", "Z" and "Serpico" and his oratorio "Canto General" based on the poems of Pablo Neruda received worldwide attention.

In an effort to continue Theodorakis' legacy, his daughter Margerita and his loyal companions from the Theodorakis orchestra joined forces to create an unforgettable concert experience consisting of the grandmasters most memorable and moving pieces.

For special occasions, the world-class Maria Farantouri, who was discoverd by the composer at the tender age of 16 and went on to have a tremendous career herself, will be available to round off the prestigous project.

Watch Zorbas Dance - Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra on Youtube