Sara Correia

“Occasionally, a new voice reminds us that traditional Fado is still very much alive (…) Sara Correia is such a voice.” - Songlines

“Her voice is powerful and there is no doubt that Sara Correia has a serious talent.”- In Entertainment Focus

Artist information

*****The Great Voice Of The New Generation of Fado*****

  • Album "Liberdade" was releaed in may 2023
  • nominated for a Latin Grammy
  • Play Award (portuguese music industry award) winner - best fado album 
  • has been performing regularly at Lisbon's most renowned fado houses
  • performed at Oslo World Fest, Udaipur Music Festival, Theater am Spittelberg and Forde Festival in Norwegen
  • winner of the Grande Noite do Fado (a major fado festival and singing competition, established in 1953)
  • sang with and learned from some of the greatest voices in fado, like Celeste Rodrigues, Jorge Fernando and Maria da Nazaré
  • sang Amália Rodrigues' "O Grito" in the "Une Famille Formidable" television series
  • part of the film "Alfama em Si" by Diogo Soares Silva

Ever since she was very young, Sara Correia has been singing regularly at Lisbon's most renowned fado houses. And so she sings with strength and confidence of someone who grew up immersed in fado. In September 2018 she was ready to release her debut album, "Sara Correia". "I relate very strongly with all the songs that make up this record, I see myself in every story they tell and these stories define me as a fadista. So I decided it should be self-titled", the singer explains. She has lived and breathed fado since childhood. Growing up in a family of fadistas she has always been surrounded by music and musicians, and, as such, living the same life came naturally. "Everything happened so fast. I've gone out to listen to fado since I was very little, I have fadistas in the family and I started singing when I was very young", she recalls. Still, in those early stages of the path that would lead her to devote herself entirely to fado, there is a moment she remembers as particularly important: "When I sung and won at the Grande Noite do Fado de Lisboa, I felt like this was what I wanted to do with my life".

Sara Correia was just 13 years old when she won the Grande Noite do Fado (a major fado festival and singing competition, established in 1953). Soon after her victory, she was invited to sing at one of Lisbon's most important venues for fado, the Casa de Linhares, where she was lucky to sing with and learn from some of the greatest voices in fado, like Celeste Rodrigues, Jorge Fernando and Maria da Nazaré. "I will always think of them as the school of being a fadista", she declares. In fact, the experience of the fado house is vital to her. "To sing at fado houses is very important to me, it is almost mandatory. It's where you get your bearings and learn to use your voice, where you grow into your identity, singing night after night as if your life depended on it. All the great fadistas of today, and all of the greats in our history came into their own at fado houses."

She grew up listening to and learning from Amália Rodrigues, "the ultimate fadista" who inspired her deeply on the path she's lead up until today, all different sides of it. Still, she lists other great voices as her influences, like Fernanda Maria, Beatriz da Conceição or Hermínia Silva.

In 2018, her talent caught the attention of French filmmaker Joel Santoni, who asked her to sing Amália Rodrigues' "O Grito" for his "Une Famille Formidable" television series. She was also invited by Portuguese filmmaker Diogo Soares Silva to play a part in the upcoming film "Alfama em Si", where she plays Severa, an historical character who is a true embodiment of fado, in a cast made up of some of the best artists in the country.

“Sara Correia”, her debut album was released by Universal Music Portugal and produced by Diogo Clemente. The record also features musicians such as Ângelo Ferreira – "undoubtedly one of this generation's Portuguese guitar geniuses" –, Marino de Freitas on bass guitar, Vicky Marques on percussion and Ruben Alves on piano. In Portugal, the critic celebrated Sara Correia’s debut and unanimously applauded the one they called “the great voice of the new generation.” The album earned her two nominations for the Play - Portuguese Music Awards, Best New Artist for Rádio Festival, more than 30 concerts and surrendered audiences on countries like Spain, South Korea, Norway, Italy, Austria, Reunion Islands and in 2020 India, Belgium, Holland and Chile.

Her debut on UK will be on April 18, at the prestigious Union Chapel in London, as part of the La Linea Festival.

Her second studio album will have been released on this date, again produced and developed in partnership with Diogo Clemente. With traditional fado where she can print her power like no one else, written and composed themes for her voice will coexist, making them Fados. An example of this is what will be the first single on the album, “Chegou Tão Tarde”, with lyrics and music by the young composer Joana Espadinha. Carolina Deslandes, Luisa Sobral, António Zambujo - with whom she sings in a duet on the album - Jorge Cruz and the aforementioned Diogo Clemente are examples of this.

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