Sílvia Pérez Cruz

“A weightless, beautiful and delicate voice”-

“Careful, she sounds so beautiful, it’s easy to fall in love.”
- Santiago Auserón, alias Juan Perro

Artist information

SÍLVIA PÉREZ CRUZ is one of the most impressive new voices of the Iberian Peninsula. "One of the least-expected success stories in the recent history of Spanish pop music" as she was called by El País, and now she is about to conquer the concert halls of Europe. 
Her live performances are attracting enthusiastic reactions from audiences all over the world, whether in front of 15,000 people at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, the Alhambra Theatre in Paris or the London Jazz Festival.

The Catalan singer, who grew up in jazz, fado and flamenco circles, began her solo career at the age of 27, she made a name for herself early on, writing and composing her own songs, mainly in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese. Since then she has released five beautiful albums, which have been awarded gold records, written award-winning music for cinema, theatre and dance performances and has established many collaborations with other renowned artists.

Trained as a jazz singer, pianist and saxophonist, this exceptional artist is already considered a remarkable musical storyteller. Her special relationship to flamenco is also reflected in her masterful, personally touching interpretation of this genre.

Whether SÍLVIA PÉREZ CRUZ performs classical jewels or new-fashion pop, whether it is her own songs or those of other artists, she always does it in her very own way, with a sense for stories and a musicality that sets emotions in motion. It would be impossible to pin SÍLVIA PÉREZ CRUZ down to a single style. She is versatile and unmistakably personal.


Watch SÍLVIA PÉREZ CRUZ - live Festival Les Suds à Arles, full concert recorded by ARTE on Youtube