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  • Mariza

    “Mariza is now at the height of her powers – not just the finest fado singer of them all but one of the world’s great divas. Even if you don’t understand a word of Portuguese, this is soul-baring singing at its most thrilling.”
    — Songlines Music Award
  • “Zusammen mit Manu Chao und ihrer Band Amparanoia begründete die Sängerin die Mestizo-Bewegung.”
    - Deutschlandfunk Kultur

    “Die musikalische Vielfalt die Amparanoia mit ihren sechs Alben vorgelegt haben, ist kaum zu fassen.“ - WDR Cosmo
  • Lisa Simone

    France / USA
    “A mature blend of soul, jazz, and Caribbean sound, but above all else: a fantastic voice.” – Focus
  • Oum

    „A star is born in the sky of North Africa! (…) Oum is here, immediately imposing her
    style, her personality, her individuality – the mark of great artists.”
    - Babelmed
  • “A weightless, beautiful and delicate voice”-
    - EL PAÍS

    “Careful, she sounds so beautiful, it’s easy to fall in love.”
    - Santiago Auserón, alias Juan Perro
  • Carminho

    “It would be amazing to record an album fado. I love Carminho. I always sang her songs when I was playing at the bars”
    - worldwide superstar Rosalia about Carminho

    „Carminho – the new Fado prophet“
    - Jazz thing

    “a testament to the power of fado as well as a stunning examination of her musical prowess” - Pop Matters


  • Tiwayo at radioeins Parkfest

    Tiwayo at radioeins Parkfest
  • New at Prime Tours: Lisa Simone

    New at Prime Tours: Lisa Simone

    We are proud to announce that we will be representing the exceptional Lisa Simone in G-A-S. With a new record coming in october 2019, 2020 is destined to become her year. Click here to read more.

  • Neu bei Prime Tours: Marie Spaemann

    Neu bei Prime Tours: Marie Spaemann

    Die Wienerin Marie Spaemann aka Mela verzaubert mit ihrer unverwechselbaren Mischung aus Pop, Soul und Jazz. Ab sofort vertreten wir sie in D-A-CH! Mehr zur Künstlerin hier.

  • NES live recording on Deutschlandfunk

    NES live recording on Deutschlandfunk

    Das Trio NES begeisterte im Februar das Berliner Publikum im A-Trane mit ihrer großartigen Fusion aus Jazz, Pop und arabischer Musik. Eine Live-Aufnahme des Abends hat der Deutschlandfunk jetzt hier online gestellt. Mehr über NES gibt es hier.